Alcohol Based Disinfectant Sanitizer

B-Clean Hand and Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer produced by Jager Distillery(Pty) Ltd which is a  organisation which prides ourselves in the manufacturing and distribution of premium quality alcohol hand and surface disinfectant sanitizer products.

B-Clean Hand and Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer is produced in a Certified and compliant environment and conforms to all standards of specifications as stipulated by the World Health Organisation.

B-Clean Hand and Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer also consists of pure  essential oil which add a unique and refreshing smell to the B-Clean product while nourishing the skin once applied.

B-Clean is produced according to the WHO-approved recipe and will only be produced according to those guidelines on a continued basis.

The B-Clean recipe contains the following ingredients:

  • Ethanol 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Glycerine
  • Essential Oil 
  • Boiled Water

B-Clean 100ml PET Bottle


B-Clean 250ml PET Bottle


B-Clean 500ml PET Bottle


More Interesting Facts

B-Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer is easily accessible and compact to ensure the product is portable and easy to carry.

B-Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer consists of a 80% Alcohol base.

B-Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer, sanitizes the desired surfaces and killing most germs immediately when applied. Although the sanitizing part won’t kill all germs at once the Disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide) part of B-Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer once applied collectively works with the sanitizing components killing germs. The combination works tremendously effective in killing all germs and ensuring the desired surface being 99,99% germ free.

B-Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer kills 99,9% of germs, leaving the hands and surface germ free while also nourishing the skin, smelling clean, refreshing and ensuring safety and cleanliness as first priority.

B-Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer carefully nourishes the skin with the  Glycerin and added as an extra benefit B-Clean consists of natural disinfectant Lemongrass  essential oils which ultimately works together with the glycerine to leave the skin feeling clean and soft.