Jager Distillery was only a vision that settled into reality in early 2019.

The dream of starting our own Gin Distilling plant is what led the two female entrepreneurs to the vision and dream of Jager Distillery. In the midst of all planning and exponential research these entrepreneurs conducted during the past few months, little did they know what awaited them and how suddenly their strategy and planning for Jager Distillery had to be adapted to. Due to the unprecedented challenges which the world is currently facing because of the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, the Directors of Jager Distillery(Pty) Ltd has seen that there is an immediate need for PPE equipment, which includes hand and surface Sanitizer.

It was then when the founders of Jager Distillery(Pty) Ltd which collectively has extensive knowledge in the liquor retail market within South Africa knew that they need to add and broaden their vision for Jager Distillery and at the blink of an eye B-Clean Hand and Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer was then established with the focus of ensuring clean hands and surfaces for South Africans during this pandemic and the future to come. The Directors of Jager Distillery (Pty) Ltd has always been passionate to add value and assistance to all South Africans. As per the direction by the World Health Organization (WHO), hands and surfaces must be regularly washed and cleaned in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have decided as a collective to follow the directions and guidelines set out by the WHO in order to produce 80% alcohol-based hand and surface sanitizer. By doing this we will ensure to protect our fellow South Africans on a prioritized and on-going basis.

Jager Distillery (Pty) Ltd invested in their own Fermenting and Distilling of alcohol plant. Without the ability to secure on a regular and non-interrupted supply or to produce our own Ethanol we would not be able to comply with the WHO recipe and guidelines for producing Hand and Surface Sanitizer. We must therefore take the health of our fellow South Africans very seriously and comply with the guidelines and rules set forth by the WHO for the compliance of B-Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer. The vision which the Directors of Jager Distillery(Pty) Ltd has for B-Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer is to ensure clean hands and surfaces for all South Africans.